Canadian Red Maple

Acer rubrum

Known for its brilliant fall colour (ranging from yellowish-orange to bright red). This native tree prefers cool, moist, acidic, rich soils. It does not do well in clay, dry or polluted environments or close to roads, where salt spray from traffic occurs in winter. Will bleed excessively if pruned in winter or spring. Oddly enough, the leaves of this tree are very toxic to horses.

Height21m (70’)
Spread15m (50')


Deborah Maple

Acer platanoides 'Deborah'

The new unfolding foliage is a brilliant red and as it matures, turns a vivid dark green. The leaf has a somewhat ruffled margin and is leathery in texture. The Deborah Maple turns to a bronze colour in the fall.

Zone 3
Height14m (45')
Spread12m (40')


Bowhall Maple

Acer rubrum 'Bowhall'

Forms a nearly perfect, pyramidal head and displays green foliage with shades of yellow, orange, and reddish-orange in the fall. Suitable for boulevard planting and confined areas.

Height13m (43ft)
Spread6m (20ft)


Globe Maple

Acer platanoides ‘Globosum’

The Globe Maple has a dome shaped head without clipping, with dark green foliage. Suitable for formal and small gardens, turning yellow in the fall.

Zone 5
Height4m (13')
Spread5m (16')


Royal Red Maple

Acer platanoides ‘’Royal Red’

Deep maroon red foliage provides dense shade all summer. Similar to Crimson King with good cold hardiness and excellent form. It retains this colour in the fall.

Height12m (40')
Spread11m (36')


Celebration Maple

Acer x freemanii 'Celzam'

A vigorous grower with a strong, branch structure and leader, upright, oval crown, good drought tolerance, and a red to yellow, fall colour. Sutiable selection for urban settings.

Height15m (50ft)
Spread11m (36ft)


Emerald Queen Maple

Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Queen’

A fast growing selection of Norway Maple, good straight trunk and an even symmetrical head. Turns yellow in fall.

Height15m (50')
Spread12m (40')


Emerald Lustre Maple

Acer platanoides 'Emerald Lustre'

Broadly oval form. Good street or lawn tree. Red tinged at an early age maturing to glossy deep green. Excellent fall colour of yellow. Vigorous growth habit.

Height18m (60ft)
Spread18m (60ft)


Glenleven Linden

Tilia cordata ‘Glenleven’

Flowers in midsummer, yellow-white and very fragrant, attractive to bees. Tiny inedible fruit follows. Leave may be 11/2-3” long and turn yellow in the fall. Tolerates urban pollution. Likes deep, moist, well-drained soil and full sun or light shade.

Zone 3
Height21m (70’)
Spread9m (30’)


Katsura Tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Bark is dark brown, shredding and shaggy-looking on mature trees. The heart-shaped leaves are reddish tint in spring turning deep blue-green, turning yellow to scarlet red in the fall. Needs moist, well drained soil with full sun. Shelter from cold winds. Disease resistant.

Zone 4
Height18m (60’)
Spread15m (50’)


Paper Birch

Betula papyrifera

Adaptive to a wide range of soil conditions.

Zone 3
Height21m (68')
Spread15m (49')


Chanticleer Ornamental Pear

Pyrus calleryana ‘Glen’s Form’

Fine ornamental specimen which flowers heavily in spring, and displays beautiful reddish-purple fall colour. Disease resistant.

Height9m (30')
Spread5m (16')


Kentucky Coffee Tree

Gymnocladus dioica

Interesting branch structure in the winter. White flowers are showy fragrant. Flattened reddish-brown pods will persist into the winter.

Height 16m (55')
Spread13m (42')


Golden Weeping Willow

Salix alba 'Tristis'

A fast growing hardy willow with long pendulous branches. Broadly weeping, golden bark with bright green summer foliage turning to yellow in the fall. Suitable for large expansive areas and near water.

Zone 4
Height 20m (65')
Spread20m (65')


Paperbark Maple

Acer griseum

One of the most distinct and ornamental of the maples. It is noted for its cinnamon-brown bark that exfoliates in the paper thin curls. Slow growing, with an upright, oval shape. Grows as a clump or single tree. Green foliage changes to bronze-russet-red in the fall. Insect resistant. Produces winged fruit.

Height7m (22')
Spread5m (16')


Cardinal Royal Mountain Ash

Sorbus aucuparis ‘Michred’

Spectacular red berries in August-September set this tree apart from the orange normally known to this species. A vigorous grower with a very symmetrical and tidy habit. Foliage is dark green with a silvery underside changing to rust colour in the fall. Needs good drainage.

Zone 2
Height16m (52')
Spread5m (16')


Sunburst Honeylocust

Gleditisia triacanthos var. inermis 'Suncole'

The foliage keeps its beautiful appearance all summer. Has a broad pyramidal head. Very hardy and does well in nearly all locations. Thorn-less and seedless. Bright yellow foliage can fade to more greenish in the summer. Fall colour is yellow.

Height12m (40')
Spread12m (40')


Umbrella Catalpa

Catalpa bungei

An ornamental tree with large, glossy, green leaves forming a rounded, umbrella like head. Clusters of white to pink-rose flowers are accented with purple spots. Seed pods to follow flowers.

Height4m (13')
Spread4m (13')


Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'

A purplish-red Japanese Maple, holding its deep red colour well throughout the summer. Leaves are somewhat larger than those of the purple form. Small tree for lawns, patios, or entrance ways. Will produce winged fruit.

Zone 5
Height 6m (20')
Spread 5m (16')


Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum

Slow- growing and recommended for large, spacious areas. Well known for the maple syrup produced from it's sap and lumber qualities. It's growth habit is generally rounded in form with dark green foliage turning shades of yellow, orange and red in the fall.

Height30m (100ft)
Spread18m (60ft)


Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Inaba Shidare'

A dense, mounding, cutleaf maple with cascading branches and leaves that retain their crimson red colour well. Their colour is deeper than some of the other cut leaf cultivars.

Height2m (6.5ft)
Spread2m (6.5ft)


Columnar Maple

Acer platanoides columnar

A compact pyramidal tree is excellent for privacy and small lots. It has attractive dark green foliage, turning yellow in the fall.Tolerates urban pollution and wind. Prune thin branches in late summer and fall. Will bleed excessively if prune in winter or spring.

Zone 3
Height15-18 m (50-60’)
Spread7-9 m (25-30’)


Harlequin Maple

Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’

A beautiful tree with unusually striking foliage. Light green leaves, edged in white turn to yellow in the fall. This maple is relatively slow growing and provides excellent contrast to any landscape.

Height11m (36')
Spread8m (26')


Princeton Gold Maple

Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold'

A selection of Norway maple with bright golden-yellow foliage that maintains its colour from a young leaf to maturity. Good accent plant.

Height11m (36')
Spread10m (32')


Autumn Fantasy Maple

Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Fantasy'

A broadly oval tree with green foliage turning to bright red in the fall. Has drought tolerant qualities, is evenly branched and produces showy, red flowers in the Spring.

Height16m (52ft)
Spread13m (43ft)


Redpointe Maple

Acer rubrum 'Redpointe'

Heat resistant and a vigorous grower. Has a straight dominant central leader that assures uniformity. Deep green in the summer and vibrant red in the fall. Thrives in full sun.

Height14m (46ft)
Spread10m (32ft)


Norway Maple

Acer platanoides

This large, dense, round-headed tree is very fast-growing. Green leaves follow yellow flowers in the spring. Fall colours of oranges and yellows. Likes moist and well-drained soil, preferring full sun or light shade. Tolerates urban pollution and wind. Prune thin branches regularly in late summer and fall. Will bleed excessively if pruned in winter or spring.

Height15m (50')
Spread15m (50')


Ironwood Hornbeam

Ostrya virginiana

A nice small tree, relatively free from insects and diseases. Pale green to reddish bladder-like fruit are evident throughout the summer. Grows very well in areas of heavy shade.

Height12m (40')
Spread8m (26')


Redmond Linden

Tilia americana 'Redmond'

This is an excellent shade tree for urban conditions, adapts well to alkaline soils, air pollution and soil compaction. Surface roots are usually not a problem. The growth rate is medium to medium-fast. Develops a pyramidal canopy shape. Foliage is dense with 2-4 inch leaves, bright green. The fall color is yellow.

Zone 3
Height8m (26')
Spread9m (30')


Ivory Silk Lilac

Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk'

A sturdy tree with compact oval growth habit. Large clusters of very fragrant creamy white flowers appear in early July. Foliage is disease resistant. An excellent specimen tree.

Zone 2
Height7m (23')
Spread 4m (13')


Ohio Buckeye

Aesculus glabra

A hardy small ornamental variety, light fragrant yellow flowers, produces large, light brown fruit capsules. It prefers moist rich soils. Fall foliage is brilliant range of yellows, oranges and reds. All parts of the tree are poisonous.

Zone 3
Height12m (40')
Spread 12m (40')


Greenspire Linden

Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’

This Linden has a very narrow dense head. The leaves are small, dark green and heart shaped. It has spicy, fragrant, pale yellow flowers.

Zone 3
Height15m (50')
Spread12m (40')


Shademaster Honey-Locust

Gleditsia tri. var. inermis ‘Shademaster’

This spreading, fast growing tree is easily established. Dark green foliage casts gentle shade. Foliage persists longer in fall than on other locusts. Fall colour of pale yellow. Fallen leaves quickly disintegrate; raking rarely necessary. Prefers deep, fertile and well-drained soil with full sun. Tolerates alkaline conditions. Tolerates urban pollution and once established, will tolerate drought.

Zone 4
Height17m (55')
Spread10m (32')


Pyramidal English Oak

Quercus robur `Fastigiata`

Pyramidal shape with dense, tight, upright, branching. A rapid grower that holds it yellow-brown foliage during the winter. Suitable for windbreaks and narrow spaces. Has small acorns and dark green foliage.

Height15m (50')
Spread5m (16')


Burr Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

One of the hardiest, this impressive oak has unusual branching characteristics and corky twigs. The foliage is dark green above and covered with grayish- green, soft hairs on the underside, turning to yellow-brown in the fall.

Height22m (72ft)
Spread18m (60ft)


River Birch

Betula nigra

Upright, oval to rounded shape, salmon pink to reddish brown bark which exfoliates to reveal the lighter inner bark. Leathery, diamond shaped, dark green leaves turn a bright yellow in the fall.

Height18m (60ft)
Spread13m (42ft)


White Oak

Quercus alba

A strong, disease resistant and drought tolerant tree with a pyramidal, to broad, and irregularly, wide- spreading, rounded crown. The glossy, green foliage turns dark red in the fall, a colourful contrast to the small, oval acorns.

Height22m (72ft)
Spread22m (72ft)


Skyline Honeylocust

Gleditdia triacanthos var. inermis 'Skyline'

A strong grower developing a shapely crown. The foliage is dark green and larger than other species. Fall colour is golden-yellow.

Height15m (50')
Spread10m (32')


Cumulus Serviceberry

Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Cumulus'

Masses of pure white flowers cover this upright, strong tree in the Spring. Produces blue berries in late Spring.Dark green foliage turns yellow, orange, and red in the fall. Adaptable to varied conditions.

Height9m (30')
Spread6m (20')


Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum dissectum 'Crimson Queen'

A laceleaf selection with extremely finely cut, scarlet leaves, retaining their colour well during the summer. Low branching tree with a weeping or mounding form, suitable for small lawns or patios.

Height2m (6.5ft)
Spread2m (6.5ft)